Tweet Break: Twitter Reacts to Cowboys Releasing Dez Bryant

It’s been almost a week since the Dallas Cowboys made the widely criticized, but potentially correct, move to release Dez Bryant. A move that was met with a bevy of emotions from fans and teammates alike is still at the forefront of conversation within Cowboys Nation.

As many are still trying to cope with the idea of 88 throwing up the X for another team in 2018, let’s take a look back at the reactions surrounding this controversial news.

Current and Former Cowboys

A lot of the focus has been on his now-former teammates and their reaction to Dez Bryant no longer being with the team. Jason Witten had a lot to say on his long-time teammate.

Like this, provided by David Helman of

Jason Garrett was in full regular-season mode when giving his thoughts on Bryant’s departure.

Jon Machota, who is one of the best at gathering player reactions to storylines, found this one and provided it for the masses.

One more from Jon, this time from Dallas Cowboys’ linebacker, Sean Lee.

Rob Ryan may not have worked out very well here as a defensive coordinator, but this analysis from his time with the Dallas Cowboys is pretty cool.

Media Reaction provided this treasure of Dez Bryant highlights for you and me to consume instead of grief eating.

Pro Football Focus provided this little nugget, potentially explaining Dez’s lack of efficiency over the last three seasons. Though, as Inside The Star contributor Christopher Watjen correctly wondered, what would it look like if you took away the abysmal quarterback play of 2015?

Ross Tucker from NBC Sports thought like many of us did, that they left a bit of a hole on the roster with the release of Dez.

The DallasCowboys.comTalkin’ Cowboys crew gives their thoughts on what led to Bryant’s release.

Potential Suitors for Dez Bryant’s Services

The race to recruit Dez is already underway and players from the Houston Texans are already making a push.

Not sure who DeAndre Hopkins got to do this photo edit, but other than Dez with a different star on his helmet, it’s pretty awesome.

Tyrann Mathieu, who called out the Dallas Cowboys defensive backs about a week ago, has gotten in on the Dez Bryant recruiting as well.

Baltimore has become a popular destination for veteran free agents over the last several years, especially wide receivers. See Anquan Boldin and Mike Wallace, for example.

This one from Bleacher Report breaks down several places that could be options for Dez Bryant’s services, including the Ravens.

If you’re into Las Vegas betting lines, this one might interest you as well. The Green Bay Packers seem to be the favorite to land Dez Bryant. Lord, help us all. 

Mike Fisher from 105.3 The Fan and 24/7 Sports had a sit down interview with Dez after the release and Bryant discussed the places he’d most like to go. Some really good quotes in there from Dez and some good insight from Fish as well.

And this one from our own Jess Haynie was just funny. Sorry, couldn’t not include it.

Fan Reaction

Because you, the fan, are the reason we do this, let’s give you some more tweets to help you grieve the loss of the Cowboys’ all-time leader in touchdown receptions.

This is a pretty pragmatic approach to the upcoming draft, and I think he’s right. Getting left guard fixed is more of a priority than drafting someone to replace Dez Bryant.

Dez caught a lot of touchdowns during his tenure with the Dallas Cowboys, but this one still sticks out to @DCBlueStar.

Will here captured a pretty important moment in the Dez Bryant era with this tweet. Dez felt how we all felt when the “Dez Caught It” play was overturned.

✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

What is one of your favorite Dez Bryant memories?