Simple Solution On Offense, Embrace The Nasty!

Allow me to announce some breaking news, the Dallas Cowboys Offense is struggling.

If you pay attention to mainstream sports coverage, that’s the message being repeated. Yet, they seldom offer any substantial solutions aside from the obvious… Wait for Tony Romo and Dez Bryant to get healthy.

While both would make a glaring difference, certain problems still remain even if their injuries never occurred. To not mix words, currently we’re seeing play calling that calls for physical domination while the Offense is simply playing…


Harsh? Yes.

Honest? Yes.

Looking over film of this offense, far too often you see the lack of desire and mental toughness that is needed to be a physically dominating offense imposing its will on the Defense. The Offensive Line isn’t moving the line of scrimmage, Running Backs are going down far too easily, Wide Receivers are getting bullied, and the Quarterback has played tentative.

Isn’t That Why Changes Were Made?

La’el Collins, Matt Cassel, and Christine Michael are all either starting or have been alerted that their playing time will increase (Michael). Which is exactly what this offense is in desperate need of.

Last week I made it clear that the Cowboys needed to play up-tempo in order to move the ball against the Patriots.

Jason Garrett decided that a physical running approach was the best strategy, which was a grave mistake. The offense came to a screeching halt against an average – at best – Patriots Defense.

If the Cowboys are going to continue with this strategy the Offensive Line and Running Backs will have to Get Nasty. If listening to Janet Jackson’s 1986 hit Nasty will help with the mindset, I encourage them all to listen to it on repeat.

Tyron Smith.

La’el Collins.

Travis Frederick.

Zack Martin.

Doug Free.

Embrace the Nasty, each one of you is capable of playing far beyond what you have shown in the first five games of the season. Even Frederick, who has been the best of the unit, can improve upon his play.

Go out and maul people. Stay on your block until the play is over. Dominate whoever stands in front of you. This team does not have any more time to waste while you figure out how to play as you did last season.

The New York Giants are coming, and they aren’t going to back down.

It Isn’t All On The Offensive Line Though Right?

Early on, I made the argument that I felt Darren McFadden was the best option at Running Back. Over the past few weeks, he has not even feigned physicality or focus. Yet, Joseph Randle has left a lot to be desired as well. He is not the same player that excited Cowboys fans last year either. He is not a lead back.

Christine Michael should start and get the bulk of the carries and I’m not concerned with Randle’s mental state. If he wants to play in the NFL then he has to be a professional. If what Coach Jarrett tells us about C-Mike is accurate, he’s hungry.

Very hungry.

His forte is his physical style… running with a nasty attitude that looks to punish defenders.

That’s welcomed on the field because it energizes the offense and the entire team. It’s time to give Michael the ball and let him run.

Is There Any Hope For The Receivers?

The outside receivers need to stop being bullied against the jam.

They have played against press coverage before, they know it’s coming, and Derrek Dooley has worked with them to defeat it. They need to take what they do on the practice field and apply that when it really matters.

Terrance Williams has got to step up, whether or not Dez returns against the Giants, Devin Street has to have more than one catch every other game, and Bryce Butler has to get open down the field.

The Giants Secondary isn’t great, but they haven’t shown the ability to defeat average players with consistency thus far. They have to dig deep from within and show they have what it takes to make some plays for this offense.