REPORT: Dallas Cowboys Have Already Finished Coaching Search

Will the Dallas Cowboys make it a manic media Monday? If you follow the trail of tweets and reports over the last 24 hours, it seems that Dallas may have already finished its search for the next head coach and an announcement could be imminent.

One well-connected source, former NFL general manager and current writer Michael Lombardi, tweeted this morning that the Cowboys’ hiring process is all but concluded.

If Lombardi’s news is accurate, this marries with the report from yesterday that the Cowboys’ interview with former Packers coach Mike McCarthy went so well that it extended into two days.

Also from this morning, NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported McCarthy has already started reaching out to possible assistants for his staff.

There’s some definite smoke here but we don’t know yet that the fire is in Dallas. McCarthy has been in contact with the Browns, Giants, and Panthers as well as the Cowboys.

The only certainty, as was confirmed yesterday, is that Jason Garrett is now truly out as head coach. There will be a new man in the big chair in 2020.

Even if it’s not Mike McCarthy, we should have an answer fairly soon on the next coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Stay tuned!