Mike McCarthy Confirms He’s Spoken With “Energetic” Dak Prescott

A few weeks ago, Twitter was set afire over the news that Mike McCarthy had not talked to his assumed future starting quarterback Dak Prescott since taking the job.

Prescott is entering free agency, and while everyone just about knows Prescott will be a Cowboy in 2020, many pointed to his lack of communication with McCarthy as a sign Dallas might move on.

Well, time to put that narrative away for the time being.

Talking to DallasCowboys.com this week, new head coach Mike McCarthy confirmed that he has spoken to Dak Prescott, saying the quarterback is “energetic” and ready to go.

{ "type": "blockquote", "quote": "<p>“Good … he’s energetic…And we talked about his plan for the next couple of weeks and what he’s going in front of him. I know Kellen and Doug also talked to all the quarterbacks.”</p>" }

McCarthy has also decided who will be in charge of Prescott’s unit in 2020, announcing that Kellen Moore will be calling plays for the second straight season. Moore showed flashes that he can be a great coordinator in this league, with his play sequencing and early down passing igniting fans at times during the year. With a head coach behind him that loves to throw the ball around on all downs, including early ones, Moore should continue to grow as an offensive play-caller.

The Cowboys also announced that former tight ends coach Doug Nussmeier will be the quarterbacks coach. Nussmeier joined the staff in 2018, and has former playing experience at quarterback.

Prescott’s unrestricted free agency is obviously the biggest news of the Cowboys offseason, though. While he has performed to a level which should make him the unquestioned franchise quarterback, Dallas is yet to ink him to the long term deal he feels he deserves.

Both Stephen and Jerry Jones have made their intentions with Dak clear, however: he is their franchise quarterback. All that’s left according to Stephen is “landing the plane” and finalizing Prescott’s deal.

But others have speculated that a franchise tag may be in Dak’s future.

Either way, he will be the team’s starting quarterback week one of 2020, and having an open communication with his head coach is important. Especially considering McCarthy’s extensive background coaching quarterbacks and coordinating offenses.