Making the Playoffs Could do More Harm Than Good For Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have lost three games in a row, getting completely embarrassed in the last two, but still somehow have a very real shot at making the playoffs. It’s surreal to think of the Cowboys, at 6-7, as a playoff team. They certainly haven’t played like one, but thanks to the porous NFC East division they still hold their own destiny in their hands.

Regardless of what happens next week against the Los Angeles Rams, the Dallas Cowboys can still make the playoffs if they beat both the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins to close out the 2019 regular-season. Considering how poorly the Cowboys have played this season that sounds like good news. But, I’m not so sure.

I don’t know where you stand, but I think if the Dallas Cowboys make the playoffs it could do them more harm than good as far as their future is concerned. Sounds ludicrous to suggest such a thing I know, but stay with me here and let me try to explain.

If we are being completely honest with ourselves, we know the Dallas Cowboys are going to be a one and done playoff team. They have yet to beat anybody above .500 this season and there won’t be any of those kind of teams in the postseason. So, what’s the point!?

I understand making the playoffs is usually the measuring stick to help determine whether or not any particular season was successful or not. It looks good on paper, but means diddly squat in the bigger scheme of things. I think it’s more important to look at the bigger picture right now.

For instance, if the Dallas Cowboys make the playoffs it ends up having a pretty big impact on in their slotted position in the 2020 NFL Draft. As a playoff team, and an early out, the Cowboys would likely be selecting in the mid to early 20s. But, if they failed to make the postseason they could be slotted to draft in the top 15.

Drafting in the mid to early 20s or in the top 15 doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but it could be the difference in coming away with a blue-chip player and not. Keep in mind, that’s just the first-round. Their draft position improves in every other round as well. Considering they might not finish the 2019 season with better than a .500 record, improving your draft slot could pay huge dividends.

Bettering their draft position isn’t the only thing that can be affected by making the playoffs. It could also impact how they go about searching for their next head coach to replace Jason Garrett, who will more than likely be kicked to the curb after the completion of the season. As far as the Cowboys should be concerned, finding their next HC should be their top priority.

The Dallas Cowboys need to get their coaching situation settled as quickly as possible. They need to get settled in so they can evaluate the current roster, make whatever changes needed, identify potential free agent fits, and dive into the draft process. That’s a lot that needs to be accomplished in a short amount of time.

Now, I’m not saying the Dallas Cowboys should tank the rest of the season or anything like that. After all, anything can happen in the postseason. Having said that though, I won’t be completely upset if they miss out this year. It could end up being a blessing in disguise.