Jerry Jones: Michael Bennett Has That “War Daddy In Him”

For their second consecutive bye week, the Dallas Cowboys stole the NFL headlines with a trade. This year, it was a conditional seventh round pick which landed them defensive end Michael Bennett, and sent Cowboys Nation into an instant debate.

Some believe that Michael Bennett is washed up, and won’t have much to offer Dallas whatsoever this season. Others believe he is a huge addition which can aid a pass rush which has relied mostly on just two players thus far.

One thing is for certain: Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones is very excited about the acquisition.

Speaking with the media Friday afternoon, Jones told reporters that he has no concerns about Michael Bennett’s fit with the team. He went on to say Bennett has that “war daddy” in him, and he’s excited to see him unleash it on the field.

Of course, Jerry Jones was quoted as saying the Cowboys were looking for a “war daddy” on their defensive line during the NFL Draft a couple years ago. DeMarcus Lawrence is that type of rusher, and there’s no doubt Bennett has been one of those guys throughout his career as well.

Bennett has 65.5 sacks during his time in the league, has been named to the Pro Bowl three times, and was a key contributor on a Super Bowl winning team built on defense.

Whether or not Michael Bennett still has “it” as a rusher is yet to be seen, but this is a win of a trade for the Cowboys regardless of the outcome.

Even if he doesn’t succeed in Dallas, the minimal risk makes the trade well worth the chance.