Free Agent WR Amari Cooper On Dallas: “I Feel Like It’s Home”

“I love Dallas.”

What else could Cowboys fans want to hear from their free agent number one receiver?

Speaking with Jane Slater at the Pro Bowl on Thursday, Amari Cooper made his feelings about both Dallas and the Cowboys very clear. And as Jon Machota mentions in his tweet, Cooper also spoke glowingly about the team and the city during the season, saying he loves Dallas and wants to live there for a “very long time.”

Of course, Amari Cooper was instantly beloved by Dallas as well. The Cowboys traded a first round pick for Cooper in the middle of 2018, and his chemistry with quarterback Dak Prescott propelled the middling Cowboys to a division winning season.

Cooper has posted career numbers since joining the Cowboys, though some odd home/road splits and struggles against top cornerbacks have left some wondering if the Cowboys would be better off moving on.

They wouldn’t.

Amari Cooper is one of the best route runners in the league, and is just the type of receiver that Prescott can maximize.

Cooper went on to say he won’t rush his contract talks with the Cowboys, going as far as to say “I haven’t talked to my agent about my contract situation.” This feels, well, impossible to be honest.

Cooper was one of the most productive wide outs in all of football a year ago, and would be a hot target on the open market if he ever reaches it in March. He has to know a ballpark of where he wants his money to fall, and I’d expect the agent to have some early indication on the Cowboys’ willingness to hit that number.

Stephen Jones and company have not locked down Cooper or Prescott for the longterm, but the sense is that both will be with the team for the foreseeable future.

Until pen is put to paper, though, I can understand some level of concern from the fanbase. Regardless, all parties involved seem to be wanting to get a deal done.