Could Dez Bryant Return To Cowboys’ Special Teams Unit?

For a few years now, there’s been an argument for Dez Bryant being the most dangerous offensive playmaker on the Dallas Cowboys.

When he first entered the league, Bryant was the Cowboys’ most dangerous special teams player as well. As a rookie, Dez scored his first touchdown against the Chicago Bears. But that touchdown didn’t come on a passing play, it came on a punt return.

Dez remembers this explosiveness, as do the fans, leading many to wonder if Bryant should be asked to return punts more often. Dez himself even went as far to say that he is in the coaches’ ears to allow him to be the punt returner this season.

This is a bad idea, and it’s probably not going to happen.

Listen I hate to be the buzzkill here, but putting your WR1 who’s had injury issues the past two seasons back to return punts is not the best plan. And that’s exactly why the Cowboys won’t do it.

On top of this, the Cowboys drafted a player in Ryan Switzer who should be able to bring similar explosiveness in the return game. If he can be even 75% as effective a returner as Dez was during his rookie year, the Cowboys will be in good shape.

So, unless there’s just seconds remaining and the Cowboys need the punt to be taken back for a touchdown, I don’t suggest putting Dez Bryant back there.

Still, it’s a ton of fun to think about, isn’t it?