CB Kendall Fuller Names Cole Beasley “Toughest WR To Cover”

The Dallas Cowboys wide receivers have been the focus of much criticism as of late, and deservedly so. The group seems to lack speed, ability to win vertically, and the ability to create sufficient separation for quarterback Dak Prescott.

While all of this can be true, former Washington cornerback Kendall Fuller turned some heads with his comments about a particular Cowboys wide receiver earlier this week. The recently traded Fuller claimed that Cole Beasley is the toughest receiver to guard in the NFL.

Yes, you read that right. The toughest to guard in the whole league.

Fuller rarely is asked to guard the outside receivers which many would think are “toughest to cover,” and Cole Beasley was considered a top slot wide out just one season ago.

Perception can change a lot after one season. Now Cole Beasley might become a cap casualty, and could be cut this offseason to make room for another dynamic receiver. Plus, it appears the Cowboys have found Beasley’s immediate replacement in former North Carolina WR Ryan Switzer.

Regardless, Cole Beasley had some fun with Fuller’s comments, tweeting out that it’s about time someone recognized him for his talents.

How the Cowboys handle their entire receiving corps, especially Cole Beasley, this offseason will be incredibly important to how this team performs going forward. With that being said, I wouldn’t be shocked if Fuller’s “toughest player to cover” is on a different roster in 2018.