2016 Mock Draft 2.0: Haynie Picks 1-34

So there have been some major developments since my last mock draft. The Rams gave up everything short of their firstborn to move to number one and Myles Jack’s knee evaluation didn’t go well. These have led to some interesting ripple effects.

For this mock I wanted to see what would happen if Cleveland doesn’t take a quarterback. I still think they will but I wanted to play with that variable.

Also, my standard disclaimers:

  • Please comment with your thoughts on my picks. If you’re a fan of another team I really value your insider perspective and will use it to make my next mocks better.
  • These are predictions of what teams WILL do and not necessarily what they SHOULD.
  • I don’t get into predicting trades. It’s too much of a crapshoot to spend mental energy on.

I think you can sum up this draft in three words for Cowboys fans.