2016 Cowboys Free Agency Live Updates

Welcome to the 2016 NFL league year! That’s right, in just one hour from now, at 3 PM CST, the league year rolls over, expiring all 2015 contracts and allowing teams to officially begin signing and re-signing players.

If you’ve been paying close attention, or read RJ’s post yesterday, you know that the Philadelphia Eagles will be de-Chip-ified by day’s end, and that former Cowboys star DeMarco Murray is Tennessee bound. The Washington Redskins also did a little cleaning up with the release of once-promising quarterback, Robert Griffin III, a.k.a. Catfish.

As things unfold today and over the next few days, we’ll be right here keeping you updated on every move the Cowboys make, and likely the rest of the NFL as well. All updates will be relevant to the Cowboys fan base, regardless. Even though Dallas rarely goes on big spending sprees in Free Agency they have a knack for shoring up weaknesses and taking risks on bargain players like Rolando McClain and Greg Hardy. So we’ll be eager to see how the Cowboys make out this year.

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