2016 Cowboys Draft: Possible Mock Trade Scenarios #10

This is the final article of a ten-part series looking at possible draft trade scenarios for the 2016 Dallas Cowboys. For each scenario, we look at possible trades and then explore mock drafts that could occur from the results of the trade(s). For our last article let’s look at a scenario where the Cowboys trade down to number 10 to pick up the Giants second and third round picks.

I am going to assume the Cowboys will have a good bargaining position at four and will have multiple offers for teams wanting to come up. That means the Giants will need to overpay for the privilege of coming up. The Cowboys should be able to get the second or third in this scenario.

  • The Cowboys 4th and 189th for the Giants 10th, 40th and 71st

In this scenario the Cowboys would wind up with the 10th, 34th, 40th, 67th, 71st, 101st, 135th, 212th, 216th, and 217th picks. They will still have 6 of the top 101 picks, but they still remain in the top 10. This is a scenario that could pay big dividends for Dallas if the board falls right. Let’s look at some options that could occur if Dallas makes the trade.

Here are possible draft combinations under this scenario:

This is a scenario that makes a lot of sense.

It allows the Cowboys to have a top 10 pick and still have three top 40 picks, 5 top 70 picks, and 6 top 100 (okay, 101) picks. It would allow them to get some impact players for next year and build for the future home run threat at running back.

Mock Draft Trade Scenario #1

In our first mock, we get one of the best players in the draft. Shaq Lawson has the potential to be a 15 sack per year guy. With the two second round picks, the Cowboys pick a starting caliber running back and a defensive tackle. Derrick Henry would give the Cowboys the home run threat they lacked last year. He also can pound the ball. Chris Jones will be a disruptive interior player who can get off the ball as fast as anyone in the draft.

With the two third round picks, the Cowboys address the secondary and pick up players with starting quality talent. Xavien Howard is a strong physical cover corner. Darian Thompson is a turnover machine at safety. They would give Dallas flexibility at the position.

With the two fourth rounders, the Cowboys draft for the future. They pick up a route running receiver and a QB to groom. Kenny Lawler is undervalued in the draft and Cardale Jones could become a great backup for Tony Romo.

Mock Draft Trade Scenario #2

In the second mock-up, the Cowboys go ahead and reach for their QB of the future, Paxton Lynch. Then they come back in the second and address the most pressing defensive needs with a DE and corner. They hope Dodd will be available at 34 but if not they take Ogbah. Some people have Burns as the second rated CB in the draft. Getting him at 40 would provide them with a starting caliber corner that has speed, length, and athleticism.

With the two third round picks, Dallas then addresses the running back and receiver needs. In doing so, they get two players who would start in the next two years. Booker and Braxton would provide youth and athleticism. Booker is a one-cut runner that would excel in the stretch game. Braxton Miller is a dynamic receiver with unlimited upside. He can play slot, the outside and he would be dynamic in the spread game and in the screen game.

With the two fourth round picks, Dallas goes back and addresses the other two areas of need. They pick up a safety who is an interception machine and an inside linebacker who can be a future starter. DeAndre Houston-Carson was prolific in causing turnovers and would provide a great special teams player and can be a solid back-up, if not eventual starter. The same can be said for BJ Goodson; he is moving up the boards. Having watched many Clemson games, he is a player who is always around the ball.

Mock Draft Trade Scenario #3

In the third mock we get the best corner in the draft with the first pick. Hargreaves may not have the height, but he is a play-making ball hawk who can play press or off coverage. He will give the Cowboys the flexibility at corner they covet.

With the two second round picks, Dallas then gets Jonathan Bullard, a DE/DT who is a personal favorite of mine. They also pick Sterling Shepard, a polished receiver who would be a great compliment to the Cowboys receiving core, both inside and on the outside.

With their two third round picks, Dallas would then draft for the future. They get a starting quality center/guard who can provide depth now and start in two years at center. They also get Hackenberg, a developmental QB with a high upside.

With their two fourth round picks they improve the athleticism of the team by drafting Tapper at DE and Drake at RB. Tapper ran a 1.59 10-yard-split which is outstanding even for a running back or receiver. He should be able to get the edge on many tackles in the league. Drake is an all-purpose back who can catch, run the stretch play, and also play some slot.

Mock Draft Trade Scenario #4

In our fourth mock, everyone we want is gone so we draft Treadwell, the number one receiver (I don’t care what the experts say). In the second we get the DE we need (Dodd or Ogbah) and a QB to groom (Cook). In the third, we pick up a corner who can also play safety. We also get a DT from Texas, who is moving up many boards (Ridgeway). Cyrus Jones is a slot corner who is extremely athletic, competitive and can also return.

Then with the last pick of the fourth, we get Daniel Lasco, an athletic change of pace back that has some explosiveness.

Dream Mock Draft Trade Scenarios

Our dream picks are that either Shaq Lawson or Ezekiel Elliott fall to 10. The Cowboys would be fortunate in either circumstance. The second rounders are not out of the realm of possibility either. It looks more and more possible that Spence may fall to the second round. Will Jackson is looking like a late first rounder, but you just never know how the boards of the teams stack up.

In the dream drafts, I do believe that Bullard or Jones will be there with the 40th, if not both. The real question is whether Dion Jones or Artie Burns will be there at the start of the third round. If not, Xavien Howard could be a nice consolation prize.

Jordan Jenkins intrigues me. I have seen him all over the board. If he is there at 101, the Cowboys need to get him. He played MLB, OLB, DT, and DE at his time with Georgia. The Cowboys could help find him a spot to excel at. But if it came down to him or Darian Thompson at 101, I think you have to take the safety. It would be nice to have to pick from those two.

That’s all for the series.

What do you think of the scenarios? Would you trade down? Once? Twice? What is your favorite scenario of the 10? Which would you prefer? Let us know.