2016 Cowboys Draft Day: Final Mock Draft Scenarios

Well it’s draft day (can’t use DDay out of respect for our vets), and now we will see who the Cowboys will take and how the draft unfolds. About the only guarantee is that all of the predictions and mocks from the experts will be obliterated by the tenth pick (If not sooner). But even so, we all want to try to play GM and predict what will happen and this is my attempt to do the same.

So without further ado, here are my predictions for what the Cowboys will do in the first four rounds.

The Cowboys draft will be set up by what San Diego does with their pick.

The Cowboys are looking at four players:

To me, Ramsey is the highest ranking player, then there is a gap between him and the other three. I also believe that the other three are closely rated and the Cowboys would be equally happy to have any of the three. My final assumption, is that the Cowboys know they can trade down 4-6 spots and very likely get one of those players.

So what does this all mean?

It means that the Cowboys will sit on their pick and see if Ramsey falls to them. If he does, then expect the Cowboys to draft Ramsey. If San Diego drafts Ramsey, then look for the Cowboys to try to trade back. At this point Tunsil, Bosa or Elliott are trade bait and the Cowboys should be able to get someone to bite.

If they do not find a trade partner, then I am predicting they draft Elliott. Why Elliott? Because he has a chance to be a special running back in the NFL. I am not sure the Cowboys are convinced Bosa or Lawson will be special. Good and steady, but not special. Because of this, I think coach Garrett’s best player available will influence the Jones to take Elliott.

While I disagree and would take Lawson, I believe the Cowboys have Zeke rated higher.

So here are three mocks. The Cowboys trade back in the third. In the trade back scenario, San Diego takes Ramsey, Dallas trades back to #10, and the Giants come up to get Tunsil. The third scenario (or a close approximation) is what I predict will happen.

Mock Draft #1

Mock Draft #2

Mock Draft #3

So there you have it.

My prediction is that the Cowboys trade back, get another second, and then draft Shaq Lawson. Whom, by the way, just happens to be number one on my big board! Go Cowboys!